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Tiny Cabin on A Frozen Lake Photograph

When we stayed in Colorado a couple winters ago, in the high Rockies, where all the best ski resorts are, we would spend out weekends exploring the area. Wherever our truck would take us in the snow, ice or mud, we would drive. On this day, we looked at a map and found Saint George Reservoir, a rather large lake with a seemingly unpopulated road to the west. Not knowing what to expect we headed out and found the road lead to a tiny village, complete with a bait shop and actually lived in cabins. The lake itself was spotted with ice fishermen and great ice patterns. We had a fun afternoon driving along the lake’s narrow cliffside roads and walking on a frozen lake for the first time. Near the farthest west point of the lake we found this adorable tiny cabin and wished it was ours. The closest we could get was this photo, that I now hope other tiny house lovers can enjoy along with us.

Lake Cabin Photograph – Signed Fine Art Print – Tiny A-Frame Colorado – from 17.50 USD, by Lost Kat Photography

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