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Smoky Mountain Vacation – Zoder’s Inn, Gatlinburg TN

I took this photo about 4 years ago now during our Smoky Mountain Vacation and ever since it’s been my most popular pin on Pinterest, getting over 500 repins. I’ve had it in a selection of photos intended for blogging our travels, and this one specifically about our experience in Gatlinburg – a town much more popular than I imagined. 

The streets are lined with tourists attractions, and I think we counted no less than 10 “old timey photo studios” where you can dress as people from the 19th century. The best part of town might be the ski lift ride that overlooks the area. And for food, you can’t miss the dozens of elephant ears (though I feel like they have another name there). Of course Mellow Mushroom pizza (assuming it’s still there) is best vegan pizza in the south. However, the real reason to visit Gatlinburg for us was for the hikes in the Smoky Mountains.

Our favorite hike was one we found by accident because it started right across from our RV park. Not far in we found several relics of buildings from pioneers who lived there well over a century ago. Small creek crossings, clandestine campsites and vine covered trees were some highlights as well. 

I’ve decided to list it – available for purchase as a print, large or small, framed or on canvas. This hotel is a place that has given a lot of people great memories of their time on their Smoky Mountain Vacation.. The creek is called Roaring Fork Creek and is typical of creeks in the area, rapidly flowing across rocks from the mountains surrounding this funny little town.

Zoder's inn, Gatlinburg TN
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