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Sheridan Wyoming Valley

An inspirational viewpoint over a Wyoming Valley, this photograph will lift your spirits like being there in person.
This summer we spent roaming around some of the states I grew up in, mainly Montana and a Wyoming Valley like this one.
We spent a month in Yellowstone, headed north to Glacier National Park, and by the end of the summer we were back in Wyoming on the east side. The scenery was amazing, and sadly some of the locals didn’t think so, but I can admit to being the same way when I lived in Oregon. We often don’t see the place in front of us for how awesome it is.

While in Wyoming, we did some road tripping to central Wyoming and back to Sheridan, the road across the Big Horns is one of my favorite roads in the world. Bright red asphalt, bright yellow grass, red soil and rock under the grass and skies so vast you can see forever.

Buy Sheridan Valley Photograph on EtsyThis photo was taken just minutes before the storm in the distance hit. The wind was nearly enough to pull you off the mountain but the view kept us holding on.

Photo is shot on film, with a professional medium format camera (Pentax 67).

TITLE: Sheridan Wyoming Valley

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