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Red Phone Boxes in London

When we were in the UK last year, we didn’t get to spend as much time in London as we wanted. It’s surprisingly expensive to get there from south east england, stay there and shop there, but definitely worth it! Whenever we were there we got around the city as much as we could, seeing all the major squares and interesting neighbourhoods as we could fit in, walking miles and occasionally forgetting to eat, but enjoying every minute.
These red phone boxes, with the pigeon atop, reminded me of some of the iconography of London I learned at a very young age. Even in Argentina, when I would see a red phone booth, I thought of England – even knowing they don’t only exist there.
My favorite part though may be the woman on the right with her leopard print coat and I don’t even mind the man going about his daily tasks walking by. It sort of reminds me of some photos by one of my favorite photographers, Martin Parr. I bought some of his post cards years ago and have only sent off, begrudgingly, about 4, and don’t plan to send the rest.  See more of his work and current exhibits at  www.artsy.net/artist/martin-parr.

Phone Box London Photography, Red Iconic English Print, Fashion, Shopping, UK – from 25.00 USD, by Lost Kat Photography

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