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Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona

Some of my favorite photos from our recent trip to Petrified Forest National Park. It was a surprisingly windy day, where the truck door would take your hand off if you gave it a chance. We visited with my partner and his brother who was visiting from the UK along with a slew of other Arizona gems.

Although I lived in Arizona for a short time as a child and had seen many sights with my step father, we never managed to visit. We had tried twice to go to this remote National Park and either other stops or time kept us away. I remember having a strange impression of the painted desert thanks to tourist items, like layered jars of sand, at other stops and sand paintings with bright turquoise and pink sand. However when I finally saw it for myself, of the painted desert and the petrified forest, I’d say that the petrified forest was my favorite. We got a chance to grill a park ranger about the history of the forest and park before she managed to escape us to talk to other tourists. It was an educational and fun trip, the ravens were definitely my favorite part!

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