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Old Blue Door. New Denver Canada

This Old Blue Door Photograph is a highly detailed and colorful image that will bring a soulful, down to earth feel to any room in your home. Doors represent many things, change in life, discovery, adventure and mystery, and doors like this have been through weather and use for decades and still hold strong – getting better with age, maybe like yourself or someone you know.

One weekend while staying in Glacier National Park, we decided to go on a long road trip to British Colombia. We visited some of the most perfect little villages I could ever imagine, Hidden little gems in the mountain and the town where we found this door was my favorite, New Denver. At first the name made us chuckle, we had just spent some time in Colorado and New Denver was way different, even though also a mountain town. A small cafe, a gift shop and lots of cool old cars and interesting people, the whole Kootenay Lake area is a dream for a weekend away.
Original Signed Fine Art Photograph

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TITLE: Door, New Denver B.C.

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