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Getting Lost in the Dunes Photograph

This “Girl Lost in the Dunes Photograph” is an image of self discovery and curiosity as the girl goes walkabout into the California Dunes in the evening sun. Whimsical yet pensive, this image will add depth to any room or perhaps spark a conversation about travel plans (go to the Salton Sea)!

Story: My friend Lisa and I went to take photos in the Imperial Dunes of Southern California while camping at Slab City near Niland. When we arrived at the dunes we found them covered in ATV’s and motorcycles. However we got a chance to explore other parts of the dunes, untouched by tires, and wandered around for a while in the evening sun, taking photos. She’s carrying a Polaroid camera in this photo.

If you ever want somewhere outside the mold in southern California, Salton Sea and the Imperial Dunes are the places to go. Just a few hours drive outside of L.A. – if you can avoid traffic, and you’ll be somewhere unlike any on earth.

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Photo is printed on professional quality archival paper in luster sheen unless otherwise chosen. If you would like a different paper type or treatment – even mounting (or something like metal printing), let me know and we can converse!

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