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A Tree Worth a 9 Mile Hike

Four years ago in the fall we visited Savannah, camping in Skidaway Island State Park. While there we hiked some of the trails and found an amazing tree however at the time I had the wrong camera, no film, the lighting was all wrong…whatever the reason I didn’t get a good shot of it. Last week we were finally there again and hiked the entire 6 miles of trails trying to find the tree again (and just having a gorgeous, bug free hike), when we found it, yet again my cameras were an issue and I couldn’t get a photo. It certainly wasn’t a waste of 6 miles of hiking and at least now I knew which trail it was on. I went back the next day and hiked back to the tree, this time only 3 miles round trip since I now knew where it was, and I got my shots, film and digital.

It’s probably one of my favorite trees in the country. Although I’m impressed by the size of some trees, it’s the roots that really draw me in. Like tentacles grabbing for nutrients, it shows how desperately the tree wants to live and how adaptable and worthy it is. This tree is on the shore of a salt water marsh on the Georgia coast. It’s unclear if its roots seek fresh water or merely fight erosion but it’s the only tree just like it for miles along the treeline.


Ancient Swamp Tree Roots Photography, Skidaway Island, Nature Photograph, Rural Georgia, Gnarled Trees

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Reaching Tree Roots Photography, Crawling Out of the Swamp, Nature Photograph, Octopus Arms, Rural Georgia – from 25.00 USD, by Lost Kat Photography

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