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Bricks and Steam Photograph – Signed Fine Art Print – Industrial Photo

Bricks and Steam Photograph – Signed Fine Art Print – Industrial Photo, Factory, Light Leak – from 25.00 USD, by Lost Kat Photography

This Bricks and Steam Photograph is a beautiful and artful detail of a factory in Alabama. Damaged by light leaks, many photos from this roll were merely improved by their misfortune, each image in this series holds a special sort of feeling from that amazing place. The factory is 150 years old, no longer running but in beautiful condition.
I especially love the rust running down the wall in this image, the pipes bending out and reaching into the unknown!

Pipes, more pipes, grit, glory and steam!

A great image for any fan of industrial art and a great gift for that steampunk friend!

Taken with a professional medium format camera on film.

TITLE: Bricks and Steam

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