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Beauty in the Swamp

Over this last few years, I have spent a lot of time in swamps. From southern Louisiana in the winter to the Everglades in the late Summer, and everywhere in between. The swamp is a beautiful place full of life. An ecosystem of animals and insects like no other on the planet and lucky for some, man has little to no use for swamp land.

This particular swamp was off the beaten path, down a long dirt road and a long walk, with wild alligators just yards away and a cotton mouth snake we interrupted, who was luckily shedding and too busy to chase us down. This beautiful wispy red grass and flowering spider web covered weed were a beautiful detail of the larger picture. I miss living in the Everglades and hope to spend more time there soon.

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Photo is printed on professional quality archival paper in luster sheen. If you would like a different paper type or treatment – even mounting, let me know!

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