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    A Tree Worth a 9 Mile Hike

    Four years ago in the fall we visited Savannah, camping in Skidaway Island State Park. While there we hiked some of the trails and found an amazing tree…

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    Canyon River, Wyoming

    Canyon River, Western Landscape Photogrpahy, Wyoming Mountains, Teton Yellowstone, Rocky Mountains Photo – from 25.00 USD, by Lost Kat Photography [button color=”orange” size=”small” width=”normal” url=”” target=”_blank” text=”Buy now…

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    Dog in a Raincoat

    I’ve always had a thing for spontaneous street photography so the few times I am in a city I try and get some action shots. When I lived…

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    The Road to Ruin

    This surreal holga photo titled “The Road to Ruin” is a double exposure on film of two places I liked during our travels through rural Louisiana. Now available…

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