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Lomography – Top Tips for Beginners

Lomography is an excellent way to create abstract and artistic photographs. The way the curved lens warps the colors and structure of the scene makes for a truly unique image. It challenges and distorts all the traditional methods and rules of photography in terms of structure, color and composition.

If you have a digital SLR camera then you are probably used to photographing in a more traditional way – you probably ensure the ISO is correct, the shutter speed is exactly how you want it and the aperture is as wide as it can be in order to capture immense detail. Plus, you probably enjoy perfecting your images on Photoshop between games at http://www.cheekybingo.com/ and reading Photographer’s Magazine online. But when it comes to Lomography, you can forget these rules because this style of photography is far more creative and spontaneous; this means your images won’t be as structured, sharp and slick as you might be used to.

Experiment with new angles

Why not try shooting from the hip with your lomo camera? It might sound bizarre, but something as simple as that can give a whole new perspective on a scene. Try and give yourself more freedom in your choice of perspectives; why not try hanging the camera in the air, shooting behind your back or even balancing it on a ledge. There are no limits with lomography – just experiment and see what you get.
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Lomography is known for its randomness so don’t try and set up the perfect shot like you would with your DSLR. Enjoy living in the moment and snap away spontaneously. Randomness and uniqueness is what sets lomography apart from other photography – the photos are not intended to be super sharp and perfectly structured, so don’t try and make them that way. Lomography only works if the only thing you concentrate on is having fun, being spontaneous and celebrating your life.

Caffin Tiger


Merdi Gras Bus


film swap - Kuwait vs Portland

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