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#FMSPHOTOADAY November 2014 Photo Challenge

So, I haven’t done one of these in a while but decided it’s good motivation while we’re stagnant in Asheville for a few months. I started late so I have to play a little catchup – so I’ll do that here in this first post and post the list of images for the month in case anyone wants to join! Basically you just take a photo – cell phone, SLR, film (though you won’t be able to keep up unless you have a dark room) – and you post your photos to social networks, Instagram (I’m @Lostkat), Facebook, Twitter etc, with the tag #fmsphotoaday. The list comes from the website Fat Mum Slim – an internationally famous Australian blog by a girl who probably didn’t expect such a response to her photo lists. FMSPHOTOADAY

I typically use my cell phone (and funky filters) for these lists so they won’t be the greatest photos but it’s just for fun – which I definitely believe photography should be! 


Day one: Something Blue – The sky past the trees up a dirt road on the way to Smokey Mountain National Park.

something blue

Day two: “I saw this!” – While at Best Buy buying a new video game, in the snow, we saw this great Overland vehicle from Brazil that’s been up and down the Americas from Argentina to Alaska!

something I saw

Day 3: Weather – It snowed, as you can tell from the previous photo, and someone got up early to make this adorable little snowman at our campground. He melted pretty quickly once the day warmed up but he had a short happy life.

weather   Just for the fact that I’m blogging this #FMSPHOTOADAY challenge, I’ll put a little more effort in this time. I’m a notorious procrastinator so everyone has permission to harass me if I forget!

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