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#FMSPHOTOADAY What is “Normal” Anyway?

I gave ¬†Sherlock a little face trim before taking her into the vet yesterday. Her neck gets so thick with fur that her collar barely fits (it’s not fat I swear!) and I wanted her ears to perk up a bit more. They get weighed down with silky soft fur that only cuts choppy, but look adorable when they stand out. I’m not the best at hair cuts, she’s pretty cooperative but will not lift her head or stand facing right (she MUST face left for baths and ¬†haircuts), so I end up mostly just going to town on her face blind with a number 4 clipper attachment. Then attempting to clean up with scissors, almost pointlessly.

The #fmsphotoaday for the 12th was “normal”, a word I don’t care for much but to play along, I chose, “Sherlock is not normal” – which if of course fine and completely normal to not be ‘normal’, but here she is giving me strange looks after her haircut.

Day 12: Sherlock is not #normal



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