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I don’t typically do anything computer related on weekends but since my boyfriend left town for the week for work, aside from taking our dog Sherlock for a hike today, I don’t have many plans. A great time to get caught up on my last coulpe #fmsphotoaday posts.

Day 7 was “On the floor” and I went with a concert we went to on Thursday. It headlined the heavy metal band Carcass with an opening band I’ve been listening to since high school, Obituary. I’m not a very good “fan” of any one band, I like some albums, loose interest, gain interest again but they’ve been around pretty consistently. I’ve seen a lot of live music but never Carcass or Obituary, the bands have been around for decades so it actually felt ok to be 34 at a metal concert for once.

On the floor: My jaw seeing Obituary after all these years


Last night we decided to go out and get something to eat, we had a great blackbean burger and vegan pizza at one of the many local brew pubs. I had an AMAZING beer called Ninja Bread Man Porter that tasted like the beer version of a pumpkin spice latte and after we popped into another brew pub’s “sour beer” location called the Funkatorium. I can’t say I’m a fan of sour beer but the process is cool. All these barrels age the sour beer for up to a year. So far the one I’ve had tasted like someone poured wine into some beer but I have in the past love Lambec Beers, so I may give them another try. On the way to the bathroom you can check out their barrels, stacked to the ceiling and quite a ways back.

A Place: Wicked Weed Funkatorium


Day 8: A Place

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