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#FMSPHOTOADAY Day 10, I do this every day

Our pets are a huge part of our lives, from dawn til dawn they are sitting on us, staring at us, sleeping on our legs or playing with us. You’d think we run a pet daycare because sometimes I fell like it’s my full time job to keep them happy. They’re very spoiled in other words, and more so than most pets because we both work from home. When the weather is nice and there are no immediate dangers at the RV parks we stay at, one or both of us will take the pets outside for an hour or so of playing around in the yard (this is in addition to the several dog walks a day). They run, pounce each other, run up trees, eat grass and generally feel safe and have fun.

At the RV park we’re at for the next few months we have a huge yard, a view of the Smokey Mountains, a steep hillside that goes down to a river and acts as a natural fence, and lots of trees for the cats to climb. Just now the leaves are still colorful yet crunchy, perfect for Susa, whose favorite season is autumn and whose fur matches it quite perfectly.

Day 10: I do this every day.


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