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New Orleans Changed My Life

New Orleans is by far my favorite US city and I can’t explain why very well. It’s not because of Mardi Gras or anything near Bourbon Street. It’s not the Grenades or Hurricanes (giant brightly dyed drinks). It’s not the smell of urine on the street after a busy night in the French Quarter. It’s everything else. 

Like this door from Preservation Hall.

Preservation Hall Door – New Orleans – buy it here

The Streets

The people and the streets make me the happiest, the locals. No matter what neighbourhood your’re in there’s a certain amount of pride and history in everyone’s eyes. This amazing city with such a phenomenal and tragic history. A city that won’t quit. The buildings tell a tale. People could certainly paint or cut back the vines, but it wouldn’t be New Orleans if they did.

This place is open, I swear.

The Architecture

Ninth Ward
Brick in the French Quarter
Abandoned mill in City Park, New Orleans

The Moments

Wandering around an industrial area across the Mississippi from downtown we found this amazing car lot and just then, a man walked by with a giant box of bananas. Stocking his shop, making a massive amount of smoothies, whatever, it was great. Our first week in the city and already it’s the most lively city we’d been to yet. It was only 6 months into our RV travels that we started our 4 month stay in New Orleans. The city made us wan’t to commit to traveling full time and upgrade our setup to a 32ft trailer (with AC unlike our van), and a dually truck.

I’ll never stop loving that city, even when it’s underwater as is likely in the next 100 years (pshh, I may still be alive). I’ll scuba dive to take a look at the haunted mansions, alley way bars and pirate relics. I truly love it.

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