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Photo of the Day: Zen and the Art of Cat

Since we live on the road most the time, or at least half the year lately, our cats have to deal with some interesting situations and changes. If anyone knows cats you know they’re not big on change, but surprisingly they are actually pretty adaptable. As long as the place they call home looks the same, in our case the travel trailer, they have safety.

They also get to know when a place is safe by how far we let them roam. They usually stay withinour boundaries, but other times, do what they want, or try, and cross fences or boundaries. Only our newest cat, Andre, will sometimes defiantly jog the opposite direction when it’s cat herding time but he’s learning. “Zen and the Art of Cat” is the theory surrounding cat herding  and we’re definitely getting better.

Zen and the Art of Cat: Susa being goofy

Susa being goofy

Susa and Andre, Travel Cats

Susa and Andre, Travel Cats

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