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Why 127 Is My Favorite Film

Well, it is true that companies could cut any 120 film into 127 size so I supposed I should say it’s my favorite format and size, and I love my 127 Cameras almost as much. I get some fun stuff out of these cameras and this film.

My 127 cameras of choice are my Brownie Bullet and a 1920 Kodak Vest Pocket camera that I picked up at an antique shop in Maidstone, UK.

Nature photos with these cameras are always a bit eerie, which I love. They’re not the sharpest cameras, one of them even having a plastic lens, but they’re fun to use.

Olympic National Park Summer 2018 – Kodak Vest Pocket
Glacier National Park
Tamarack Forest, NE Washington – Kodak Vest Pocket
Lost Lake Hike, 2018 – Kodak Vest Pocket

I also love to take them anywhere. They’re my lightest cameras and when your main camera is a Pentax 67, which can weight 6lbs with the handle on, that’s saying a lot.

I don’t usually shoot color with them, simply because Efke was my main film until recently, and I still come by a roll here and there thanks to some good friends and fellow photographers/inspiration.

Another thing I like to do with 127 photos is make collage art out of them. I don’t know why exactly, I think it has to do with my wanting to use every single photo that I find worthy of getting some life, even if its not in its original form.

Every insect is from my photos as well.
Dinos in Snowy New Mexico
Butterfly Huntress

For as long as they keep making 127 (anyone) I’ll keep shooting with these cameras.

* Smaller than my cell phone *
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