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Photo of the Day: Saturday in Arches National Park

After a long work week it was nice to be able to finally explore the area. We had done a little driving around town, seen some Dinosaur footprints and a few local eateries but otherwise aside from Castle Valley last weekend we’re usually too busy during the week with work.
We went to the closest National Park in the area, Arches National Park, and drove most of but not all of the winding roads to the most monumental arches the park has to offer. We hiked Park Avenue Trail around some huge formations and partially down a creek bed, getting an awesome view of a green yet dry valley. We made it to balancing rock, and the Window and Turret Arches, hiked that loop and took a bunch of pictures with some great clouds in the sky. By then my neck had some words with me so unfortunately it was time to come back and rest a bit. I had seen a doctor on Friday, one of the reasons I missed out on posting and now have a rigorous physical therapy regimen and a couple new pills that make me want to fall asleep around 3pm. Hopefully it will all be worth it and we can finish Arches next weekend!

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