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Photo of the Day: Sunday in Castle Valley

We made it to Moab around 1pm on Sunday, set up the trailer and went out to lunch at a local brewery.  After recovering from our weekend travels, we decided to pick a direction and check out the area, not really planning anything specific. We drove north a while, turned around and drove down a canyon road with a sign to “Castle Valley”. After driving down a long winding canyon along the Colorado River, past several campgrounds, pullouts and swimming area we eventually came to an opening in the canyon and the road split off to Castle Valley.

The valley was home of a little farming community with some great old homesteads, lots of old cars and trailers, and dozens of custom houses. I love seeing a community with no regulations on the types of house you build for yourself and these people really took advantage. We pulled off at a cemetery and walked around a bit, imagining the advantages of living in a place like that.


castle valley 4 sm castle valley 3 sm castle valley 2 sm


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