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Photo of the day: Androids are Cameras too

I use my android camera phone a lot and hope to get an even better one soon. It may not be the workbot (better than a work horse) that my Pentax 67 and digital SLR are but it’s great for fun photos with dorky filters. I used to be a lot more snobby about the “legitimacy of photography” but in the end, it’s about the image and enjoying photography, so, I take a lot of all kinds of photos with a myriad of cameras but my phone is the camera that is most consistently “there” when all else fails and I wan’t something quick and easy to share online. I did however recently buy an Eye-fi SD card. It sends jpgs from my camera to my phone (as long as I have a wifi connection) but when we’re on the road or out on a hike, if I have reception, I’ll still be using my camera phone now and again for Instagram, Facebook and my personal websites and pages. I love vintage cars and custom cars so this one was one of the only ones I took today, And this one – my RV park bathroom buddy, a black widow. We said goodbye to our neighbours and this black widow tonight and will be back on the road tomorrow to Monument Valley and Moab!

Black Widow in Utah -  android camera phone

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