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Photo of the Day: Knee Deep in Ditches for an Old Truck Photograph

I’ll do a lot for an old truck photograph apparently.
There’s a nice big mechanics shop next door with some great old trucks in the lot next to our campground. Today was an insanely busy day of work where I had no time at all to work on my own sites or photography but I did manage to sneak out before dark and walk around the lot a bit. To get out of the campground to the lot I had to do a bit of ditch jumping, and to my surprise the ditch was the dumping ground of the campground’s leaves. I ended up knee deep in dried leaves, that might have been filled with rattle snakes for all I know.. but aside from some scrapes I made it. Despite the “Beware of Dog” sign, this truck was for sale and who puts a truck up for sale but makes it inaccessible? I don’t know who but I looked anyway. I’m not really afraid of dogs and the place was in no way fenced so it probably ran away long ago anyway (to a place that won’t use it for defensive purposes).

My neck is slightly better but I’m still nursing it with ice packs, heat packs and aspirin. Maybe by this weekend I can do the normal roaming around Arches National Park!

Beware of Dog, Moab old Truck Photograph

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