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New film on the way!

New Film is on its way here from Kansas. I have only had about 6 rolls of film developed in the last year, which is why much of my stuff is either from earlier in this cross country “trip” or, mostly in my blogs, digital. I got a few rolls of 120 (non slide film) developed in Miami from my holga camera, mostly disappointing, and have been hording all my black and white and slide film since we were in Austin Texas last February, not this one, the 2010 one. 30 rolls of photos from my holga, twin reflex camera and Pentax 67 monster.

For the longest time I had hoped to find a place in one of the cities we stayed in or near, but time and time again, no one wanted to develop slide. I was sure I would eventually develop my own black and white like I usually do, but during the summer the tap water was too warm in the trailer and winter was a mad rush to get allot of my own websites done, and they just got forgotten about. I finally got fed up when we were back to staying in small towns where people are forced to go to Walgreens if they want anything done. I had a few dollars to spend on my photography, so I started to scan Flickr forums for a good place to send film. People who wouldn’t screw it up and would treat it with respect, even if I wasn’t a long time customer – also a place that could follow instructions. I can’t tell you how many times labs just cant understand “develop only”, “no prints” , “do not cut” – they just have a routine and stick to it I guess, No time to read the envelope.  Dwayne’s Photo was the place I finally choose, having read lots of great things about them. Of course, I sent the film out with tracking – to a state in the middle of some major tornadoes at the time, Kansas. I imagined my film flying through the air, soaking wet, spread all over the state but within just a couple days after sending it, it was already finished and waiting for me at our mail service in Florida!

So now I wait. Hours and hours of scanning negatives ahead of me and finally, some new non digital photos.


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