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Lost Kat at Sugar Art and Fashion Show Next Friday! – Phoenix

I’m excited to announce my first real “event” at Sugar Art and Fashion Show, in Phoenix. I’ve done a couple shows in a tattoo shop and a cafe, but I’ve been traveling pretty consistently since 2005 and never had the hundreds to invest in keeping a lot of stock around, or the space to keep it in, no to mention tags, bags, display apparatus, frames. Since we decided to stay in a cabin again this winter and park the travel trailer for a while, I finally had the space and time to get some things done.
I’m still a cheapskate though, so I made my own display cases out of two vintage suit cases I’ve been toting around since New Orleans (I’ll take some more detailed pictures when my booth is live). I’ll be using our Ikea snake lights clamped to the side of the table and my ceramic base heat lamp (without a heat bulb in it) for lighting over my prints. I also installed 2 LED lights in one of the suitcases full of jewelry so if the place is really dark there will be some direct light there for people to see the pieces. I also didn’t want to buy a table, so we’re bringing our travel trailer folding table, 4 feet by 2, and the table I made last winter to make it a full 6 feet – one table will have photography and photo necklaces, the other my jewelry and crafts.  I could have had 4×6 feet but I’m not clear on if that includes my sitting space? Either way, I didn’t need that much space and doing it this way will keep the trailer from having more clutter. I can keep my new prints and jewelry in the display cases I already had – no extra storage!

I’ll be accepting credit cards with Paypal Hereand will bring along some cash, hoping to avoid small change by pricing everything at rounded numbers. Do people haggle at these things? I hope not.

The event will be a smallish one, which is probably the best kind (at least I prefer to attend smaller ones than expo center sizes ones), situated in a bar/event hall/gym/vintage clothing store in Phoenix. It sounds odd but it seems to work. The place is called The Duce and seems to be a pretty popular place among locals.

The event, Sugar Art & Fashion Show will highlight tons of local designers, artist and crafters. We’re leaving the night before the show so we can setup my spot /claim my spot, since it’s apparently first come first serve and I need to make some sales.

My booth will be hugely different from everyone else’s there as the only Photographer, that I know of so far, and only one other jewelry person. Most of the artists will be painters, all of whom I’m excited to see the work of, and I look forward to taking some pics of the fashion show if I can get away from my booth!



A booth at a previous show:
sugar booths

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