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Lost Kat at Moonlight Makers

I’m happy to announce that several of my photos can now be found in an online art collective, Moonlight Makers out of Asheville, North Carolina! The have both an online store and a converted bus mobile store, which they’ll be taking to craft markets around the region.

bus24It’s pretty awesome to see my work in a public space like that and attending many of the craft fairs I could never make it to (or have the stock to attend). They’re doing a pretty cool service for artists and crafters and the converted bus aspect makes it really amazing to me. In the spirit of craftiness, they’re doing all the work themselves, currently about 24 days into renovations and making good progress*.

I’m promoting items in the shop all over the internet with the hopes that every crafter their has a great summer. Here’s to progress!


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*It reminds me of when we redid the interior of the Brougham (our first RV), it was so much fun I could basically imagine doing it for a living. Decoupage, cabinet painting, making curtains, redoing upholstery, installing speakers and fans. We had that place looking awesome by the time we were on the road.


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