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COVID-19 Update

Greetings safe people! We’re bunkered down and safe ourselves and have been since early March. My print shop was doing great the last few months then ‘wham’ my photo printer closed. Oddly only my photo printer but not my textile printer (yet), so I still have stock in my other etsy shop, LostInNature.etsy.com where I have tapestries, throw pillows and more with my photography printed on them. 

Lost in Nature slowed down for about 3 weeks but luckily started to pick back up again this month. It’s still not the same without my print shop open but better than nothing in these hard times. I still have plenty of 8×10 and 5×7 prints in stock that I can sell here, on Instagram and on my Patreon Page

As you can imagine, I haven’t gotten out to shoot in a while. I have been posting old Polaroids however and hope to work on some photos taken earlier this year. It’s hard to get much done for some reason, despite the feeling of all this “extra time”. In reality I’m still sitting at my computer as much as usual filling orders, working on websites for people (and my own) and trying to stay sane. I can only sit in a chair so long as well because of back pain so by the time I get all that done, I’m usually ready to sit somewhere more comfortable. 

I’ve started drawing again thanks to Procreate on our iPad Air, got a record player recently that I need to finish rewiring the speakers for, have about 100 other hobbies nagging at me, books to be read, games to be played, shows to be watched. I don’t think we can ever actually get bored here. 

I need to post more blogs while I’m unable to work on my shop. When it’s in Vacation mode I can’t even add new items – so it’s legitimately out of commission. 

Speaking of hobbies, I need to sew a mask so I can go to the pharmacy and pick up a script. Not my favorite thing to do at all, I feel like too many people aren’t being serious enough and I have lung problems so I’d like people to do better when in public. but what can you do. 

I’ll post some new photos as I edit or scan and get my Patreon page set up for my new status. 

Good luck and stay safe! 

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