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Bison Battle Western Print, Buffalo in the Wild

Yellowstone National Park is one of my favorite places on earth. It’s how the west used to be, before we ravaged it for the sake of farmland and Starbucks. It’s rugged, dangerous, alive and mostly inaccessible. Do you know how rare it is in this country for animals to have a little peace and privacy, away from humans? We’ve managed to build houses and log the deepest darkest forests, but not inside Yellowstone. It’s the closest to the Canadian wilderness that we’ll ever have, sadly. It’s especially healthy as ever since the introduction of wolves in the 80s started to balance the ecosystem, to the woe of many Montana hunters and ranchers. I’ll never understand people who can’t imagine a world where we live along side these amazing creatures.

These two were having a little play fight in early spring, getting ready for the mating season.

Bison Battle Western Print, Buffalo in the Wild, Black and White Animal Photography – from 20.00 USD, by Lost Kat Photography

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