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Photo of the Day: A Rough Sunday Drive up Sand Flats Road

Sunday we weren’t sure what to do that was close to town but after picking up a some picnic supplies from the local grocery store, we decided to check out a road called Sand Flats Road that went off into the desert and La Sal Mountains to the east of town. We found out it was a pay recreation area where many of the off roading trails we’ve been watching views for reside. Unfortunately I still can’t handle any real off roading but the Sand Flats Road itself was pretty great in itself. Lots of viewpoints, formations, campsites and eventually the terrain changed so much we wouldn’t believe you if you told us we still in the Moab area. The La Sal mountains started to turn into a low dense rain forest of high desert trees and bushes as the elevation rose and we started to see little farms and cabins in beautiful little mountain valleys. As soon as we started to descent back towards the highway the desert reclaimed the world quickly, the 20-some mile dirt road had give us a great afternoon and showed us parts of Utah we would have otherwise never seen if it weren’t for our curiosity about random roads leading to “nowhere”.

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