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10 Weekly Artist Picks: Snow Storm

As we are currently stuck in the middle of Winter Snow Storm, Octavia, I can’t help but think of snow. It’s the first we’ve had this year here in Asheville, North Carolina, and although I love snow, our RV is a bit chilly.
I know there are those of you out there with weather 100 times worse, or in the same boat as us, so I created a collection of winter art I love to commemorate our woes. Stay warm!

The Smoky Mountains just before the storm hit:

1. Beyond the Wall by Fresh Doodle

beyond the wall

2. The Heart Of My Heart by  Tordis Kayma



3. Winter by Abigail Larson

winter4. Winter Is Coming by Katie Hodgson

winter is coming 15. snow by Fernanda Suarez

snow woman


6. Snowy Dreams by Rskinner1122

snowy dream

7. Snow by DB Art

john snow


8. Snow by Youcoucou



9. I ♥ Winter by Martynas Pavilonis

i love winter


10. Snow Deer by DanniByrne

snow deer



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