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10 Weekly Artist Picks: Mythos

I’ve always been a big fan of alien and monster movies. Maybe not so much Godzilla or Croc-zilla but “monsters” along the lines of “deep and interesting mutants and/or aliens”. I like characters with depth, and Mothra just doesn’t deliver.

Because I’m already a huge sci-fi fan, aliens are a shoe in as my most favorite beasts, then the terrestrial mythos like The Kraken and Cthulhu, finally, the comic book mutants provide that “closest to humanity” element that every monster fan needs a balance of. This list is in no particular order, just 10 of my favorites and some great artwork I think represents them well. Enjoy!

1. Kraken by Laurence Andrew Page Illustrator



2.Cthulhu by Zarono


3. Smaug by Stefanie-H



4. Visit Arrakis by Jazzberry Blue



5. Neverending Story Gmork minimalist movie poster by John Brute

neverending story


6. Sherlock S02E02: The Hounds of Baskerville by Risa Rodil

hounds of baskerville


7. Power In Three by SRB Productions



8. Alien by AfrAsian


9. Predator by by ChrisNygaard



10. The Thing by Beware1984

the thing

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