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10 Weekly Art Picks: Feeling Nerdy

Ever since I remember I’ve been a nerd one way or another. From a very young age I was raised on Start Trek reruns, then Next Generation, and continued to watch and keep up with that world as I got older. I read The Hobbit when I was about 9 and continued to love science fiction and fantasy books from then on as well. I never had a game console growing up but it didn’t stop me from playing at friend’s houses, playing DOS games on the family computer and eventually buying my own consoles with my first job. As an adult, I’ve become increasingly interested in astronomy, physics, history, and other things I wasn’t exposed to much growing up. I try to learn something new every day.

These are some of my favorite nerdy images that make me feel warm and fuzzy inside!

1. Nintendo Nouveau by Megan Lara

nintendo ladies


2. Star Trek Worf Retro by Jake



3. Mass Effect: Urdnot Wrex by Ruthieee


4. Star Trek, Lore by Spiritius

lore5. Nebula by SuzanneCarter


6. niel degrasse tyson by Dollface87

neil tyson

7. Phillip K. Dick Portrait by Darklight Studio

phillip k dick

8. A Princess of Mars by Dominick Saponaro

john carter

9. H.P. Lovecraft by Henri Scribner

lovecraft10. Science by Fuacka





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