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Foggy and Moody Pics From the Sierra Nevada Mountains

We’ve been in California far longer than I expected, over 2 months now, and although I was wary at first, I’m now a pretty big fan of this giant state.

The nature around here is unmistakably unique to California. In the Sierra Nevada Mountains there are trees as big and tall as two semi trucks parked end to end (or bigger), and in the spring, low lying clouds and foggy scenery. I can’t help but be excited about it every time we go exploring. I would choose a rainy day in northern California to a sunny day on the beach any day.

After we visited Yosemite and Big Trees State Park in the Sierras, we traveled to the coast where we saw the redwood forests, hung out on rocky beaches and strolled ferny paths. These forests are magical, and flora so thick and ancient.

Here are some of my favorite shots from these places.



A creek flowing down into the Yosemite Valley

Big Trees State Park


A mess of toppled tree roots in a Sequoia forest



The Coast


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Mother’s Day Sale! 20% Off All Prints – All Sizes, Through May 8th!

Starting today and lasting through Mother’s Day, both my store here and on etsy will be having a 20% off sale!

All sizes of prints, 8×10 to 30×40 inches – that’s huge!
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10 Weekly Artist Picks: In the Heat of the Sun

We’re in Phoenix, Arizona and although it’s early in the year still, it’s hot… like 98 degrees hot The air conditioner won’t turn off and it’s hard to want to do anything during the day – so I’ll just stay inside for now and pick out some of my favorite art pieces.

Joshua Tree and Moon by Kat

Joshua Tree and Moon by Kat

Staying in the theme of “heat” and/or “desert” I chose these pieces. Each one with a different feel about the desert, the colors mostly stay southwestern but the sentiment is real. The desert is beautiful and mysterious, harsh and alien. I love it!

Check them out with the links by clicking on the title or image.

1. Desert Poppy Watercolor by Sheltered Spirits


2. Desert by Bakus


3. Desert Sunset by Irene Leon


4. Joshua Tree by Aaron Morris


5. Rocky Desert by Calder Moore


6. Desert Sun by DeekosaurusRex


7. Desert Deers by Design4u Studio


8. Desert by Drew Walker


9. Ex Fortuna by Caitlin Hackett


10. Paint the Desert Pink by Cache Tucker


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Lost Kat Photography at the Montford Music Festival

Last weekend was the Montford Music Festival, and although we couldn’t be there, some of my photos made it! The Moonlight Makers‘ bus is finally finished and on the road, hitting up its second art festival of the year.

Tons of awesome artists and crafters from the Smoky Mountain region and beyond fill the bus from end to end, really makinging the project feel like it’s in full swing!
Check out their segment of this WNCMusic video from the event.

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