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Gambel Oak in Colorado

Before I had ever been to Colorado, I thought Oak were always giant trees. I noticed the shape of the leaf before anything else and was dumbstruck, baby oaks? no, shrubs of magnificent color!


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5 Weekly Artist Picks: Geology Rocks!

Amethyst by EskelKreig

I love a good pun, but seriously, I do love geology. Not the geology used to determine the best place to drill for natural gas mind you, but the kind that appreciates beautiful rocks and their origins, creation and uses.
The depth of some agate’s patterns can be deeper than a human eye. The points of a cluster of crystals, like mountain peaks in a surreal landscape. I love seeking out and getting lost in beautiful rocks, often underappreciated and resigned to a child’s collection as they sit at a roadside tourist stop in a giant bucket in the corner; 10 for $1. I implore you, take part in this bucket’s wonders, for a good agate or imperfect crystal is never that far out of reach. For those of us who don’t find them ‘too common’, they are a most magical form of nature and the geological process #nerdstuff.

1. Colorful Agate by Roger Porter

Colorful Agate - Purple

Colorful Agate – Purple

2. Crack on Nature (IV) by Shan Artz

Crack on Nature IV

Crack on Nature IV

3. Amethyst by EskelKreig

Amethyst by EskelKreig

Amethyst by EskelKreig

4. Blue Agate Water Element by Elena Kulikova

Blue Agate Water Element by Elena Kulikova

Blue Agate Water Element by Elena Kulikova

5. Ruby- Mineral gemstone July birthstone science illustration by CelesteAgnes

Ruby- Mineral gemstone July birthstone science illustration by CelesteAgnes

Ruby- Mineral gemstone July birthstone science illustration
by CelesteAgnes

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New Tapestries in the Shop – Colorado Scenery and Roots of Life!

Today I released three new photos as Wall Tapestries and I hope you love them as much as I do!

I had a customer in Australia ask me about my Summit, Colorado photo, and whether or not it could be made into a wall hanging, and voila! It was done. She and her husband had recently spent some time in that part of Colorado, snowboarding in the back-country, and the image looked much like they’d remembered. Pristine mountains, crisp air and tall pines. I’m always happy when I can show people an image that fits their memory of a place and experience.

Roots of Life is an image I’ve been quite attached to for a long time. Ever since I wandered into an Illinois forest 6 years ago, and spent about an hour hanging out around this magnificent tree. Because it’s so alive, I never even thought of the tree in black and white, but when a customer asked for a black and white version of a print, I found that I also loved it! It works great as a print or tapestry. Exceptionally eye catching subject in all its strength and persistence, and it’s nearly symmetrical in its design. Perfect nature.

Finally, “Tree Break” is another favorite of mine from a cabin with a spectacular view that we stayed in last winter in Southern Colorado. Most days in Colorado it’s sunny, no matter what time of year. In fact its one of the sunniest states in the country. However when it snows, it really snows and it’s usually quite a sight to see. This storm lasted all day and dumped nearly two feet of snow on us, my favorite kind of snow is when there is A LOT of it, so this was perfect. The break in the trees shows the aspen grove below that cabin, almost obscured by flurries but just visible. Its a photo taken on film with a medium format camera. Hope you love it as much as I do!

Thanks for checking out my newest tapestries! Definitely more to come!

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Zoder’s Inn, in the Smoky Mountains – Gatlingburg Tennessee

I took this photo about 4 years ago now and ever since, it’s been my most popular pin on Pinterest, getting over 500 repins, especially lately for some reason. What I’ve never bothered to do it make it available for people to own! It belonged to my selection of photos intended for blogging our travels, and this one specifically about our experience in Gatlingburg – a town much more popular than I imagined.

So, I’ve decided to list it – available for purchase as a print, large or small, framed or on canvas, you name it I can do it. This hotel is a place that has given a lot of people great memories of their time in the Smoky Mountains, and that’s important. The creek is called Roaring Fork Creek and is typical of creeks in the area, rapidly flowing across rocks from the mountains surrounding the this funny little town.

Check it out on Etsy if you want to get yourself a print!

See it in the Shop




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Foggy and Moody Pics From the Sierra Nevada Mountains

We’ve been in California far longer than I expected, over 2 months now, and although I was wary at first, I’m now a pretty big fan of this giant state.

The nature around here is unmistakably unique to California. In the Sierra Nevada Mountains there are trees as big and tall as two semi trucks parked end to end (or bigger), and in the spring, low lying clouds and foggy scenery. I can’t help but be excited about it every time we go exploring. I would choose a rainy day in northern California to a sunny day on the beach any day.

After we visited Yosemite and Big Trees State Park in the Sierras, we traveled to the coast where we saw the redwood forests, hung out on rocky beaches and strolled ferny paths. These forests are magical, and flora so thick and ancient.

Here are some of my favorite shots from these places.



A creek flowing down into the Yosemite Valley

Big Trees State Park


A mess of toppled tree roots in a Sequoia forest



The Coast


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Mother’s Day Sale! 20% Off All Prints – All Sizes, Through May 8th!

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